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Privacy Notice

You can always ask us what information we have about you. Just send us an e-mail and inform us of your address. Within a couple of days you will receive an e-mail containing the information. Your wish for deletion of the information should appear clearly from your mail.

Sharing of information:
We do not share ANY information with third parties. The data you state when buying from us are conceived confidential and are under no circumstances passed on. The only exception is payment, which is handled by a third party for your security. 

This web shop uses cookies..

Cookies are used to make your buying experience hazzle free. When you add items to your shopping cart the information is stored in a cookie on your own computer.

If your browser doesn't accept cookies or you have deactivated them you are unfortunately not able to buy from our shop. You can visit our entire website, but not the shopping cart.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small data file which is placed on the hard disk of your computer. A cookie is not a program and cannot read data from your computer.

Only the website which has placed a cookie on your hard disk can read the contents of the cookie. A cookie cannot be used by virus or similar to harm your computer.

You can read more about cookies at: www.cookiecentral.com

Logging and statistics:
We use log statistics. A statistics system gathers information which can give us a statistic picture of how many have visited our website, what country they're from, what part of our website they use etc. In our web shop the log statistics are used only to optimize the website and its functionality. Log statistics are used to create increased usability. Normally log information is stored up to 2 years to enable us to make a picture of the visitors' pattern and development over time.
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