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Terms & Conditions

The parties of the agreement.

“Buyer” is used about the physical person mainly dealing outside his business area and by ordering from Chiptuning Direct makes an offer about purchase and delivery of specific articles. 

In the following “Chiptuning Direct” (in the following called CD) is used both as the physical or legal person who by an order acknowledgement accepts Buyer’s order and sells the articles ordered, as well as the website from where articles are presented and ordered.

Product information:
CD states essential product information about the article. For further information or questions to available information please send an e-mail to CD at info@chiptuning-direct.dk.

All prices are current prices and valid only on the date of ordering. Subject to price changes.

Product presentations with price indication on CD’s website are not a binding offer, but only an invitation to make a quotation.

Buyer’s ordering of articles from CD’s website does not make out a binding accept, but is to be considered a binding quotation to CD about buying the article on the conditions stated.

A binding agreement between Buyer and CD is not concluded until CD accepts Buyer’s quotation by issuing an order acknowledgement.

By credit card payment your account is debited the amount as soon as CD sends the article.

Risk of accidental miscarriage or damage:
The risk of accidental miscarriage or damage including third party conditions is transferred to Buyer at the time of transfer to the forwarding carrier.

The right of complaints does not apply defects, damage or wear and tear caused by direct or indirect wrong operation, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized repair.

In case of complaint the invoice must be presented to CD.

Buyer’s complaints, if any, concerning the articles delivered must be sent to CD within a reasonable time after Buyer’s suspect or ascertainment of the defect. Otherwise Buyer will lose his right to plead the defect.

Upon request you must specify the character of the defect.

CD accepts no liability for any links to other websites and their contents. The websites may contain errors, inaccuracies or similar and may be subject to temporary breakdowns. Information from these websites does not make part of the agreement between Buyer and CD.

Information from such websites about the products ordered is not included in the description of the products ordered forming part of the agreement between Buyer and CD.

CD is not responsible for direct or indirect losses due to delayed delivery to the Buyer of the products ordered or if the products ordered have defects, when the delay or the defects are due to Buyer’s action or failure or to conditions outside the control of CD, e.g. war, revolts, riots, fire, state interference, confiscation, currency restrictions, labour disputes of any kind including strike and lockout, or the like.

CD gives no warranty of its own covering the products ordered, and Buyer is entitled only to the warranties granted by the manufacturer.

Right of cancellation:
Cancellation of the of purchase must take place within 14 days after date of delivery and CD will then credit the amount received.

Non-freight paid or COD returns are not accepted. When returning use only parcel carriers who are able to track the products when in transit. The product must be properly packed and include a copy of the invoice. Please specify clearly that you want to make use of the right of cancellation and that consequently you want to have the amount refunded.

You can also cancel the purchase by refusing to receive the consignment.

These rules of returning apply all products sold in distance selling (to private persons) – they do not apply products sold to companies.

Subject to alterations:
CD reserves the right to make changes and updates of the terms and conditions valid for this website. Therefore, you should keep yourself updated and check for possible changes.

Misuse of CD will in all cases be reported to the relevant police authority.


Chiptuning Direct - Fåborgvej 4, DK-9220 Aalborg Øst - Telephone: +45 70 25 51 82 - E-mail: info@chiptuning-direct.dk
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